Make Running Easier on Your Body

You already know how hard running can be on our bodies.

But it really doesn’t have to be so tough!

It’s easier than you may think to improve your running form and make running easier on your body. You just need to know how.

We all move slightly differently, each with our own unique running style. This variation is why some of us feel the stresses and strains of running in our thighs and knees, others feel it in the lower back, or calf muscles and so on.

Frustratingly some of these aches and pains turn into full-blown running injuries, which then prevents runners from training altogether.

Here’s a video from James Dunne, biomechanics and running rehab expert at Kinetic Revolution, explaining his running course in which he helps you identify the most common technique flaws and movement dysfunctions which cause injuries to runners:


This 12 Week Programme Includes:

  • Self Screening Protocol – We’ll help you discover your weak links.
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Strength Exercises – Build strength in your glutes and posterior chain.
  • Progressive Hip Mobility Routines – Poor hip mobility can be inhibiting your glutes. We’ll fix that.
  • Stability Exercises for all Levels – Develop hip stability and core control.
  • Running Technique Drills & Cues – Learn how to run using your glutes more effectively.


Online Running Technique Course

Check out all the details of this course here. They also offer running courses on knee rehabilitation and fasciitis rehabilitation.

Online Running Technique Course

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