Create a Personalized Envelope with Google Map

Google continues to push out more innovative apps.
Besides Google Docs, Gmail, Google Earth, Calendar, Blogger and all the others, they also have a site where you can create instant envelopes.

You can create an envelope lined with a Google Map of any location of your choice.

How to Create an Envelope using Google Map

Go to and type in your location. The inside lining of the envelope will then automatically change to show your chosen location.

Then you just type your message in the provided text box and print it out. It prints on a nice template, so you just cut it out and fold along the dotted lines.

Now you have a personalized envelope ready for postage.

** Just a side note, I like to know from all readers whether YOU pronounce it EN-velope or ONvelope/ARNvelope…  I know there are opposing pronunciations and I’m interested to see what the general majority uses. Let me know in the comments – thanks!

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