Make a Drinking Glass from Old Bottles – A Great Craft Idea

Your Finished Glass

Interesting Crafts – Making Drinking Glasses from Bottles 


Having an interesting craft can not only make you money, but give you some great fun too. You can use anything for crafts; new materials or even recycled goods. Some crafts are easy to make while others can be harder or time consuming. Depending on what you choose some may be cheap and others a bit expensive!


Used bottles can make some cool glasses. You can turn your favourite drink into a lasting memory by creating a fancy one-of-a-kind drinking glass for your bar or glass cupboard.

It simple to make a bottle glass all you need are some beer or cider bottles.


What you will need:

  • Your bottle of choice – whether it be a beer bottle, cider bottle or glass soda bottle
  • Some pure acetone
  • A small glass dish
  • An old towel
  • Scissors
  • A piece of string, although wool works better
  • A lighter
  • A piece of sandpaper
  • Super glue or a bonding agent


Choosing Your Bottle


The best bottle to use would be that of your favourite drink or one that has a logo or etched engraving. The best size will be a round bottle of an average size. Make sure you have an empty bottle.


Getting Everything Ready


After you have chosen your bottle put it one side, fill your sink with cold water and some ice blocks to make sure it stays cold.


Pour some acetone into the glass bowl, you won’t need much. Cut a piece of wool and wrap it around the bottle about 5cm below the neck of the bottle or above the logo.


This is your choice where you want to separate the bottle. Make sure the wool can go around the bottle about 6 times and then tie it tightly to the bottle. Remove the wool from the bottle and cut the loose ends.


Making Your Glass


  • With the wool still tied place it in the acetone to soak, make sure it is well saturated in acetone.
  • Place a towel on the surface you working on then put the yarn back on the bottle.
  • Holding the bottle at the point furthest from the wool, set the wool alight.
  • Make sure you rotate the bottle while setting it alight and keep at it till the fire burns out.
  • Once the wool is no longer lit, submerge it in the cold water immediately. This should cause the top to pop off. If it doesn’t pop off you can repeat the process.


Completing Your Glass


After waiting about an hour to ensure the bottle is cold, sand down the edges to ensure it has smooth edges.  You can either leave it as is or you could place the part that was burnt off to make a stand for your glass. You can stick the bottle neck to the bottom of your new glass using either super glue or a strong bonding agent.  Leave it to dry for the recommended bonding time.


Your Finished Glass
Your Finished Glass

What do you think of this craft? Would you try it or have you tried it? What would you make your glasses out of? Leave your comments below.


by Bron-Hilda Meyers Maree

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