Ladies Fashion Tips For The Gym

The gym is an extremely well-visited place in today’s world with countless amounts of people attending on a daily basis in an attempt to lose weight, keep in shape or maintain and build muscle.

Whatever the gender and specific need of the individual may be it is important to wear the right clothing to be able to focus entirely on your exercise and to avoid irritation, and of course this differs slightly for women.

Sufficient Support

Among the most vitally important guidelines for women to remember is that a sports bra should be an essential part of the gym dress code. A sports bra gives the necessary support during gym activities and is simply a million times more beneficial than a regular bra for a number of reasons.

Choosing a Sports Bra

In addition to this, the correct footwear is needed and this certainly applies to both genders. Keep your footwear in good condition and when it is time to invest in a new pair make sure that you do so, to avoid injury and to keep you looking up-to-date and presentable during the hours toiling away on the treadmill or cycling machine.

Avoid Unnecessary jewellery

It may be perfectly acceptable to work out while wearing your wedding ring but sporting jewellery to the extent of Mr. T’s repertoire should be avoided at all costs. Wearing a number of necklaces and bracelets will not only be damaging to the items themselves but it will also severely hamper your exercise if you have something providing a distraction.

You also have to consider that as much as jewellery will irritate you it is also likely to do the same for the people on the machines beside you

Cover up

Wearing overly loose clothes may not be the most helpful option as it will not give you the support you need but by the same token you should make sure that you are not too exposed. A well-fitted outfit that allows you to move easily without attracting disparaging glances should be the one you look for.

Make up – Less is More

Many would argue that it is never a wise idea to wear huge amounts of make-up and it is especially true when you are in the gym. The effects of the sweat will soon turn it into a nightmare situation so if you want to apply any at all then make sure you keep it to a minimum.

Sweat Makeup

written by Jess O’Hara.

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