Kids Party Trends

by Mariska Knoesen

The days of Wimpy, Spur and McDonalds parties are over. A kids party revolution has taken place and those special days will never be the same again!

Back in the day mom would have baked a chocolate cake, doubling the recipe, opened up caramel treat and sprinkled a handful of flakes over it. She would have made rice crispy and marshmallow cones with jellie tot faces and placed large plastic bowls of cheese curls on each table.

Dad would have blown up about twenty colored balloons, constructed some form of obstacle courses in the backyard and, if the birthday was an “important” one, a jumping castle would have been added to the mix.

EFT for Kids

Nowadays it is all about themes and Disney seems to win every time. The birthday boy or girl usually takes charge of that decision so there is one less thing to figure out. Luckily the market is filled with party theme shops that stock all kinds of paraphernalia so once the theme is decided upon you can move on to the invitation list and venue.

Party Cut-Outs

It isn’t always necessary to go for a hired venue, especially when you have a large enough garden and for winter months the house can be used if it is big enough to accommodate a dozen excited children.

Kids party trends Birthday Cake - image via sheknows

When you plan on having the party at home it is best to keep the entertainment as simple as possible. Face painting and traditional party tricks always do the job. Photo booths are also very popular amongst the girls and you will be able to hand-make most of the props for this fun idea.

Keep a digital camera and a camera phone handy and snap away while the kids change into silly outfits with larger than life sunglasses and shiny hats. A birthday cake is an item that has become quite expensive on the party list. It is custom that the cake should match the theme which always means an elaborate fondant covered cake creation that has to be ordered from a professional baker. There are party shops that offer this service too. It has to be said that these spectacular cakes don’t always have the best taste but they do make up for it in their appearance.

Party packs will always be a major hit. Baking aid shops as well as party theme shops sell cute cardboard boxes that are big enough for sweets, chips, juices and other delicious kiddies treats. It is always appreciated when party packs are labeled with the “guests of honor” names.

Kids party ideas for toddlers include teddy bear parties where guests bring their little ones’ favorite stuffed teddy and watch them play dress up whether inside or outdoors. Older kids, especially those on the brink of becoming teens, usually enjoy some sort of food-making parties.

Pizza baking and chocolate making have them raving at school as the best party of the year. Boys, especially those closer to the teenage years, are a bit harder to please. It is usually ideal having their parties outdoors at pre-booked venues. Go-carting, paintball and sporty activities go down a treat with the birthday boy and his friends alike.

It has to be said that today and in the future parents won’t be getting away cheap with kids party trends. Best advice is to plan the theme and number of attendees then pinpoint what can be done by yourselves and outsource the rest.

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