Jeannie D and Janez Go Shirtless (Poll)

Top Billing presenters Jeannie D and Janez are playing their parts in a new “shirtless” campaign.

They have pledged to go shirtless until the new Springbok Jersey is unveiled on the 12th of April.

Janez and Jeanie D

In the video below they describe how they, and a growing group of South African “celebrities”, are getting rid of their shirts on ‘Bokdays’.

“In support of the boys in green and gold, we pledge to go shirtless on Bokdays until we get our new jersey,” says Janez.

But as Jeannie playfully points out, Janez never really needs an excuse/cause/reason to take his shirt off.

Check out the video and then leave your answer in the poll (you can select more that one answer), or add a comment at the bottom:

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