Jamie Oliver’s Healthy Food Revolution

I’ve been enjoying watching Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution’ on TV.

Basically he goes into American schools to change the shockingly unhealthy food that the kids are being fed every day.

At one of the schools he did an impromptu test with some of the youngsters (around 7 years old) and none of them knew what the different fruits or vegetables were. For example he would hold up a tomato and ask them what it was. No one knew! One hazarded a guess that it was a potato! And so it went on, they didn’t know ANY of the veggies. But they knew the names of chicken nuggets, hamburgers and pizza etc. They had no clue that French fries come from potatoes, or that tomatoes are in ketchup.

He also visits some families to try educate them about healthy food and he attempts to rectify their bad cooking habits. It’s amazing to see what some families live on: pizza, pasta, pizza, corn dogs etc. Almost everything is frozen and pre-packed, hardly anything is fresh. No fruit or vegetables.

You can get some great, healthy children’s food recipes here!

Most of the families and cooks come up with many excuses, most of which usually come back to convenience; cooking healthy and fresh food takes longer than baking/re-heating a pre-cooked, pre-packaged, ultra-processed box of food. But the fact is that these people are killing themselves and their children. A huge percentage of them have diabetes and other liver problems, and it is estimated that they are taking up to 40 years off their lives.

So here’s a quick, convenient healthy, great-tasting idea from his blog.

It’s a Pesto Beef Sandwich which makes a delicious lunch-time snack. To make one sandwich, spread some Italian herb pesto over 2 of your slices of bread. Drape some nice thin slices of cold rare roast beef and a few salad leaves (either rocket or watercress) on top of one of the slices. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper, then squash the filling down with the other piece of bread and eat straight away. Lovely.

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