Is it Really Possible to Make Money Online?


Earning money online ….Scam or not?

It is that time of year again. We are all about as poor as the local church mouse……..Christmas has come and gone and we are desperately attempting to find new and innovative ways to conquer our debt and recover from over spending.

Somehow, plodding through eight hours of work per day, (after a long holiday on the beach, I might add), on an income that disappears in even less time, doesn’t seem very appealing to me.

Back at Work after Holidays
Back at Work after Holidays

Some of us reach to the Internet in search of potential millions that never materialize. Even R100 sounds like a good deal to begin with. Have you ever made more than R100 on the internet?

For years that dream of becoming a millionaire has alluded me and I’ve spent thousands of rands (and dollars) chasing after empty dreams that have never materialised. In fact, I’m far worse off than if I had invested the money into some bank account!

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Surveys, affiliate links, casinos, forex trading, work from home schemes, MLMs, …..blah blah blah. I’ve tried the lot and nothing has worked for me. The most frustrating part about it is that I know it can be done. I don’t know about millions but that R100 a month seems like such an achievement after losing so much!

Is it possible to earn money online, without all the complicated jargon, empty promises and empty pockets and our bank balances running into negative?

Is it Really Possible to Make Money Online?
Is it Really Possible to Make Money Online?

I have to be honest enough to say that I have made money online. Bidorbuy has never led me astray. I love selling books and some antiques and have made a fair bit of money on the site. Problem is that where on earth do I store 400 books and hordes of antiques without my home looking like a junk yard? As much as I love holding a book in my hands and feeling the pages between my fingers, I have to agree that lugging around four hundred books is a major mission! Thank goodness for ebooks. But I wouldn’t trade my favourite books for any electronic device.

So, can I make money online? Can anyone convince me that there is just one opportunity out there that won’t suck me dry and leave me that R100 wealthier?

by Elizabeth Kahn

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