I am going to Pay You to Start a Blog – My new Coaching Program – Limited Places

I am going to pay you to blog. Yes, that’s that’s right. I will be paying 20 people to start and run their own blog.

Pay you to Build a Blog


Welcome to my new Coaching Program.

Hundreds of millions of blogs are online today. Thousands more are started every day. Anyone can start a blog in a few minutes, but very few people will start blogs that matter, and even fewer will build blogs that earn a decent income. It is estimated that approximately only 10% of bloggers make real money, or have their posts read by a wide audience.

What’s the difference between most blogs and the very few that attract a massive following and generate an impressive salary?

The answer is:

1) correct foundation (theme, plugins etc)
2) the proper format (structure)
3) a good game plan (posting consistency and niche)
4) finding advertisers (making money)
5) and sticking it out for the long run

So in this program I am going to teach you how to build a strong foundation and launch your blog, and turn it into valuable work-from-home asset. I am going to show you every single thing you need in your blog including themes, plugins, social media, hosting, building email lists, posting, earning money, and so much more.  I’ll keep it simple, and we will go at a steady pace.

Not only is this Coaching Program free to participate in (for those first few who make it in), but I am actually going to pay you each time you reach a new level in the program.  If you have never made a cent online, but have been trying, I can guarantee that you will now make your first Rands online. (I would offer a money-back guarantee, but this program is free 🙂 ). All the training will be done online from a secure membership area.

This is not for someone who just wants to make a quick buck online by quickly setting up a crappy blog and then abandoning it. There are too many junk blogs online already.  This is for someone who has something to say (about any topic in the world) and is willing to spend at least an hour or two per week on their blog, in order to grow it into something worthwhile.

If you already have a blog (especially a free one such as blogspot or wordpress.com) then don’t worry. I’ll show how you can keep every article you have already written and transfer it to your new blog. Advertisers don’t like free-hosted blogs so you aren’t going to make any money by running your blog on one of those sites.

I am going to be pulling out all the stops in this coaching program. I will be giving you access to my affiliate program, the 90 day blogging plan, discounts on other training programs, free tutorials and books and loads of other great bonuses.

Here’s the catch. This coaching program is extremely limited! I am only taking 20 students for this initial phase, so you will need apply as soon as you can.
UPDATE:  The testing phase is now over and the course is open to anyone who would like to join!

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