How to Play Pictionary Card Game

Some friends of ours introduced us to the new version of Pictionary: Pictionary Card Game. We enjoyed it so much that we quickly bought ourselves a set and have been enjoying since we got it.

The new version follows the latest craze of converting board games into card games to make them quicker and more portable.

(For other card games see: How to play Monopoly Deal and How to play Crazy 8s. See the bottom of the post for pricing options and where you can buy the game.)

What’s quite nice about the game is that within the card pack it is divided up into kids and adults versions.

Cards of Pictionary

The basic set up is that there are 88 Picture Cards. These are divided into two sets; 44 blue picture cards and 44 red picture cards. Each of the two teams will get their 44 cards.

The cards have a range of pictures on them; star, family, sun, spoon, shapes, car, clouds, etc.

Red Picture Cards of Pictionary

These pictures will be used to give your teammate clues as to what the answer is (but we’ll cover that later in the rules).

There are also 66 Clue Cards. On the blue side of the card are the adult clues, and on the yellow side of the cards are the kid clues.

Adult Clue Card

How to Play Pictionary Card Game

1. First divide all the players into two teams. You will need a minimum of two players per team (so a minimum of four players to play the game). The maximum per team can be anything you want, but I wouldn’t suggest having more than four players on each side as things might get a bit chaotic.

2. Place the Clue Cards face down on the side of the playing area. If you are playing the Kids game, place the yellow side face down. If you are using the Adult clues place the blue side face down.

ADULT clues are broken into four categories: Movies, TV, Music and Miscellaneous.

KID clues aren’t divided into categories, but are instead grouped according to a theme. The themes are printed down the side of the card to help the younger players guess the correct answer.

3. If playing the Adult game, place a Category Card in front of each team as well.

4. Both teams select a player (the ‘Picturist’) who will use the Picture cards to act out the first clue. Every round the role of the Picturist rotates among the players on a team. Everyone must have a turn and the order of rotation must stay the same during the game.

5. Every round is “All Play” which means that there is no time limit in the round; it’s solely a race between the two teams. Whichever team answers correctly first wins the round.

6. To begin the first round a player calls for a number between 1 and 4. Both Picturists look at the Clue Card at the corresponding number and begin using the Picture Cards to “act” out the clue. (for e.g. if someone calls out number ‘2’, then the Picturists will read the second clue from the top of the card). Both teams will act out the same clue.

Begin your charades by first pointing to the category on the Category Card. This will get your teammates thinking of the right theme of which you will be acting out a clue.

One thing we have found is that you either have to whisper your suggestions to each other or sit a good distance away from the other team. Often if clues are said to loudly the opposition picks up on it and can end up overtaking you.

7. It is ‘charades’ mixed with Pictionary, so you can act out actions as well as using cards. The main rule is that you must use at least one picture card for each word in the clue. Get creative and mix cards together to form another picture. For example a half-circle, straight line and triangle can be used together to form a ‘bow and arrow’.

Bow and Arrow

8. The first team to correctly guess the clue receives one point (1 card equals one point). Keep track of your score.

9. Play then continues with two new Picturists having a go at the next card.

10. The first team to reach five points is the winner of the game. But you can predetermine a winning score at the start of the game; if you have many players you might want to play to fifteen points.

Other Rules of Pictionary Card Game

  • There is no limit to the number of Picture cards which can be used to act out a clue.
  • There is no time limit. It’s always a race between the two teams.
  • The cards can be used in conjunction with actions (you could pretend to swim with the picture of water, or pretend to drink from a picture of the glass). You can combine cards together, or even place them on your body, such as put the hat picture on your head or ‘high-five’ the picture of a hand.
  • Tips for Using Pictionary Picture CardsYou are not allowed to talk to your teammates or make sounds when acting out a clue.
  • Enjoy the Game!
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  1. Thanks for posting these instructions!! We had the cards and no rules. We can’t wait to play :0) keep on enjoying life!

    Many Blessings,

    1. Hi Carol,

      You’re very welcome!
      I’m glad you can now enjoy the game, I’m sure you’ll have some good fun 🙂
      Thanks for popping in, and for your comment.

      – Rory

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