How To Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

Eco Friendly Garden

Practical Ideas

There is no better place to start than your own home and garden when it comes to being more environmentally aware. There are many gardening basics which you can implement easily to immediately boost your garden’s green credentials.

Eco Friendly Garden
Eco Friendly Garden


How To Deal With Slugs

If you primarily deal with slug pellets then you need to stop immediately, as these can be extremely damaging both to your garden as well as the environment in general. Slug management is a common gardening basic which we all need to master, so thankfully there are lots of ideas of how to combat these pests.

  • · Beer – It may not be the best use of a can of Carlsberg, but slugs are attracted to sunken beer pots and drown in the beer itself.
  • · Barriers for pot plants can be another way to keep slugs out. Either surround pots in rough material, or try a solution of salt and Vaseline.


Dealing With Pests

While many people simply allow their garden to become overrun with pests as they prefer the natural feel of the area, others resort to environmentally damaging chemicals in order to get the job done.

You can maintain your garden without choosing any of these options, thankfully. Research your garden pests and their predators, then see what you can do to attract them. A natural way to achieve pest control in your garden, and another big tick in the gardening basics box!

Attracting Wildlife

Installing a pond in your garden is a great way to add an eco-friendly touch, as this will attract wildlife into your garden. Encouraging frogs to live in your pond will also help with some of the issues looked at earlier, because frogs love a diet of slugs!

If you are hoping to get frogs into your pond, ensure your water is accessible from the edges of the pond and there is plenty of cover and shelter available. Near or beneath a tree is an ideal location.

You can also read about attracting Butterflies to your Garden here.

Control Water Usage

As most of the United Kingdom is in drought, many gardeners fear this will mean the end for their horticultural works of art. Make the most of this natural resource to ensure that your garden continues to flourish even in the hottest, most barren conditions.

  • · Water butts are an excellent way to collect rainwater from roofs and ensure you always have a healthy supply for your garden.
  • · Direct watering of plants to the roots and concentrate in an area to ensure water is not wasted.

Take advantage of these gardening basics and make your garden more eco-friendly immediately.

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