How to Make a Cheeseboard

This is a great idea for a gift.

Friends of ours recently had a special celebration and I wanted to make them a personalized gift.

What you’ll need:

A piece of wood
Wood carving tools
Paint and paintbrush

I had a piece of wood lying around the house (I find pinewood works really well for carving). I then found a design I liked and sketched it out. You could easily find a picture or symbol online, or just write a message.

I then carved my chosen design into the wood using the wood carving tools.

Next I sanded it down to smoothen the edges that I had carved.

Once the carving and sanding was done I painted the board with a grey undercoat.

I then sponged a mixture of white paint and water over this once it was dry, and was careful not to let the white paint mixture seep into the carved sections. I used a thin paint brush to touch up any carved sections that had any white paint in them.

And Voila! I had a handy cheeseboard ready to go. I added a cheese grater and knife, and few blocks of different cheeses, and had a lovely gift to give my friends.

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