How I Stopped an Idiot from Prank Calling Me

How to Block Prank Calls and Sales Calls

This week I have been harassed by some toolbag who thinks it’s funny to miss call me 30 times a day, and at all hours.

It started a few days ago and when I answered he was just quiet and then hung up. He then proceeded to call me another 17 times that day. When I phoned him back to see why he was calling me he just laughed at me and thought it was hilarious. He then continued to call me every few minutes.

Making a Prank Call

I found an app that you can download for free which enable you to block a number. It called Call Blocker and you can download it here for free.

Call Blocker

It blocks the caller, so my phone doesn’t ring when he phones, but it stores the date and time of every time the idiot miss-calls me and I receive a notification (you can change the settings of the app whether you want to receive notifications or not.)

Fortunately he didn’t mask his number, so I could enter in the exact number to block; +27 83 393 0764 – wouldn’t it be nice if everyone reading this decided to phone him and wish him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… 17 times a day.

The app also gives you the option to block unknown callers.

In the next two days he miss-called me about 35 times. And although I don’t hear my phone ring it still irritates me when I see the blocked call stats. This guys is a first-class cork.

Next step will be to press harassment charges. You can read about all the options when it comes to irritating callers in this article about blocking unknown callers.

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