How To Achieve A Starry-Starry Night Wedding and Reception Theme

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Many brides decide on a theme for their wedding and the reception. Picking the right flowers to incorporate into a specific theme enhances the concept.

For example, if the bride wants to do a starry-starry night, celestial theme she needs to choose flowers that complement this idea. A wedding and reception of this nature possesses an ethereal quality.

As you plan the details, think about the colors that remind you of night or the various colors that you see in the nighttime sky including the colors that planets emit.

The ‘theme’ starts with the wedding itself. The bridal party should be dressed to reflect the starry-starry night theme and, ideally, the wedding venue will be lit with candles or twinkling overhead lighting to give the full effect.

If blue is your primary color consider the various blues to choose from including cobalt, navy, periwinkle, baby blue, powder blue, ultramarine, medium blue, dark blue, cyan and celestial blue, to name a few.

The color azure is halfway between blue and cyan. Blue is the color of the sky while cyan is blue-green or aqua. Ultramarine is a robust, vibrant blue that is purplish blue. Periwinkle is lavender blue and cobalt is a dark blue but not as dark as navy.

Dress the bridesmaids in celestial blue, which isn’t dark or light but somewhere in between, which combines beautifully with darker and lighter shades of blue or with rosy pink or taupe. The fabric should ideally be flowing and ethereal rather than stiff.

If the wedding party is wearing dark blue couple that with accents of Robin’s Egg blue or metallics such as gold or silver. Blue combined with silver is a very urbane look.

A monochromatic color scheme that consists of one color (blue) in varying values (shades and tints) is a nice choice for a starry-starry night wedding and reception. It produces a soothing effect.

There are flowers that work quite nicely with this concept, including Calcynia, which is a delicate, white, star-shaped flower featuring dark jade colored leaves. Another great choice is Jasmine, which is star- fashioned. Stephanotis, another fashionable wedding blossom, is star-shaped.


star shaped wedding blossom Enjoy Life


Other star-shaped flowers include the balloon flower, which comes in blue, pink and white. This is a perennial plant that blooms in July and August.

Borage is a plant the produces blue star-shaped flowers, which can be eaten. Stonecrop is a yellow ground cover that features star-shaped flowers.

There are various blue flowers to choose from including iris, delphinium, cornflowers, dyed carnations, blue daisies, hydrangeas, blue tinted baby’s breath, hyacinths, blue tinted roses and statice.

For the reception consider stringing white lights over unadorned tree branches placed in sand-filled pots. To heighten the effect, paint the branches black, azure or gold.


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Stars twinkle, which is easily achieved by using candles, crystals and flickering lights strung over head perhaps behind a draped canopy of tulle. Place mirrors under the tabletop candles to reflect light and give that twinkling nighttime effect.

Incorporate moon and star shapes into your centerpieces and in your linens and tableware. Gold and silver accents complement this look agreeably.

You can go all out and name each table at the reception after a planet, star or constellation.  Guests will be instructed via seating cards to sit at table Mars or Venus. This is fun!

If you have definitely decided on a celestial theme, go outside at night and gaze into the sky. What do you see? What do you feel? This helps you visualize and then execute the perfect starry-starry night wedding and reception.

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