Knowledge is Power, but How?

Often we hear the phrase “knowledge is power,” but you have to use that power effectively.

Suppose if you have a gun, but you don’t know how to use the gun. It becomes useless. Similarly, if you obtain the power of knowledge, but you are unable to use that power, it will not work.

In order to gain benefit from the power of knowledge you also have to learn how and where to use the knowledge effectively. Effective use of knowledge is called Know-How. Know-how is always more powerful as compared to knowledge because know-how is the practical application of knowledge.

How Knowledge is Power

The importance of acquiring knowledge is there, and we all need to know new things in life in order to achieve more success.  But the other thing which we need to learn is how to use our knowledge.

The application of knowledge is equally as important as the knowledge itself. We can acquire knowledge through education, research, and through personal experience. Similarly, we can learn how to use knowledge through similar ways, education, and experience. In order to feel the power of knowledge, we have to learn how to use this knowledge.

Practical Application of Knowledge

Knowledge provides you an edge over others. If you have knowledge about certain things, you can do things in a better way and are able to face the world with more confidence.

Suppose you go to a country like France where you have to speak the French language. If you do not have knowledge about French, you feel helpless and less confident. But if you know the language, you are a different man. Suppose if you know French, but you are unable to speak it, how do you feel?

So it is proved that having knowledge about something is not enough. You have to apply that knowledge where it is needed.

The Importance of Knowledge in Decision Making

If you are knowledgeable, and you know how to apply that knowledge in a particular situation, you definitely feel confident in life, and you can make better decisions.

Knowledge plays an important part in the process of decision making. Without having sufficient knowledge, it becomes hard for anyone to make a correct decision. Knowledge is just like a ray of light on the dark path of the decision making process.

With knowledge you can make knowledgeable decisions which give you the advantage over your competitors.

The Importance of Knowledge in the Professional Life

If you have sound knowledge about your profession, you can feel powerful while working. Knowledge has actually changed the whole picture, as without having sufficient knowledge about your job puts you in a difficult situation in everyday working.

When someone is more knowledgeable, he is assumed to be a professional person and often gets higher wages and quick promotions. Having professional knowledge and using that knowledge in the difficult situations is the key to success in your professional life. Knowledge also plays a vital role in getting a good job because that is the one thing which every employer requires in his/her employees.

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