Help Your Baby to Sleep Better

Did you know that an infant’s brain is more active than a college student’s brain? Looking around and taking in surroundings through the senses is how baby becomes aware of our world. This curiosity has its place but babies don’t now when to stop which hampers their ability to fall asleep instantly.

You can help your baby fall asleep by means of Sensory Deprivation, by using Instant Baby Sleep.

Other qualities and characteristics:

  • Filters out house noises like phones ringing and doors slamming
  • May be used to put a group of children to sleep (Example: play group or crèche)
  • Babies / adults hears and feels the vibrations from the sound track
  • Helps to lengthen sleep pattern
  • Prevents waking up during the light sleeping phase
  • Can be use safely in a motor vehicle to calm or put children to sleep.
  • The sound track can be used by anyone (mom / dad / baby sitter/ grandmother etc.) as no skills are required.
  • The child / baby falls asleep faster every time that the sound track is used
  • May be used for adults with insomnia or for “power-naps”

Instant Baby Sleep

How does it work?

The sound track GENTLY produces energy over the full human hearing spectrum (20Hz – 20KHz) with an embedded pulse that gently eases the brain to the Alpha state well known for drowsiness and sleep induction.

Help your baby to sleep through the night

Some babies may develop a pattern where they fall asleep easily but they also wake back up shortly after. This often results in mom suffering from sleep deprivation causing negativity and even depression. The average sleep cycle is 40minutes long. A light-sleeper may easily wake up at the turn of a sleep cycle. If baby wakes up earlier than expected, mom shouldn’t immediately pick him/her up. Leave the baby as is with the Instant Baby Sleep (TM) sound track playing…You can also use another technique to teach baby to skip a wakeup. If baby wakes up…to help your baby sleep through the night.

Get Instant Baby Sleep Here

Use a White Noise / Pink Noise CD to calm your over stimulated baby

Over stimulated babies doesn’t want to sleep!

An infant doesn’t know how to stop taking in information. When baby is taken to new surroundings like the shopping mall, a kiddies party or a friend’s house -they often get over stimulated to the point of crying and/or screaming. If mommy can’t put baby asleep, the problem will snowball to over exhaustion.

Baby’s senses needs to be engaged but without stimulating the brain with new information…the problem is easily solved by with the Instant Baby Sleep CD.

Instant Baby Sleep


Am I allowed to burn the MP3 to CD?

Yes, the copyright allows the owner of a Instant Baby Sleep (TM) sound track MP3 to legally burn 2x CD’s for personal use only.

Will you give my money back if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, according to our Money back GUARANTEE -if you implement the checklist and do not achieve sleeping success – I will immediately refund your purchase for the MP3 sound track within 48 hours. No questions asked. For the record – we have not received a single refund request up to date.

What payment options are available?

Paypal – a highly trusted and safe method accepted word wide.
Credit Cards – Visa and Mastercard
Debit Cards (with expiry dates and CSV numbers)

Can I get the sound track in other countries?

Yes, because it is an electronic product, it can be purchased and downloaded anywhere in the world.

Safe to use:

The sound track is a digital remodelling of a natural occurrence. It is completely safe to use for all ages of children. It is used by hospitals / play groups / doctors / paediatricians and nurses. We were happy to find out that the Instant Baby Sleep sound track is also used in a Neonatal I.C.U. We do suggest that the sound track is not used with headphones simply because it is difficult to judge the volume.

Tell me more…

The human senses (babies & adults) are subtly engaged as the vibrations of the sound track is heard and even felt by the person resulting in a naturally relaxed sate.

It is most effective with babies and children but may be used for toddlers and adults as well.

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