Healthy Eating Plan

Chicken Veg StirFry

For me, and I’m sure millions of others, food is imperative to Enjoying Life. I can’t stand the feeling of an empty belly, and I really do enjoy some good food.

Whether you are looking to slim down or beef up a bit, here is a great eating plan for a day. It’s an excellent balance of fat, carbs and protein. Never skip breakfast, no matter what your agenda is.


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Enjoy this healthy (and delicious) meal plan:

250 ml of bran with full cream milk
1 Boiled egg
1 fruit

Mid-morning snack
A cup of cranberries and almonds
100% fruit juice

Dried Cranberries and Almonds

Chicken and mayo sandwich (never on white bread)
On the side: some spinach and tomato with sprinkled feta cheese

Mid-afternoon snack
Tuna and mayonnaise sandwich or an energy/protein snack bar.

Chicken and vegetable stir fry (use a quality olive oil to fry)

Chicken Veg StirFry

You’ll find more healthy options in Enjoy Life’s guide to Living Longer and Healthier.

Eat well, Live well, Stay Healthy!

6 Comments on “Healthy Eating Plan”

  1. I like to carbo load on some MCD – but that’s just me – which more likely explains why I look the way I do – semi-healthy and athletic (awkward silence) …

  2. Protein is important at breakfast, so eggs are quite ok (and dont be afraid of the cholesterol scare…that is a lot of hoo-ha…cholesterol is vital for good health).I like an occasional salmon or hake for brekkie, or any other time of the day. I usually eat muessli with blue berries (the highest ORAC score of all berries).
    Must all be ORGANIC, and CUT DOWN ON THE CARBS…I hardly ever eat bread anymore(except brown toast on a Sunday morning with my eggs !).
    At least 2-3 servings of oily fish (salmon, hake, herring) per week to protect the grey cells, heart muscle and joints).
    My lunch is 2 boiled eggs, salmon or sardines and salad with olive oil dressing, and an organic yogurt.
    Supper lots of fresh vegies and red meat 2/week and white meat 2/week, with fish 3/week.
    No sunflower oils if you want to protect your heart and only olive or coconut oil…good healthy saturated fats !!!! (dont believe the nonsense about sat fats being bad for you….they will save your life !
    Eat well and be safe…
    Dr. Neville Wilson.

  3. Jonathan, watch out for the carbs….we actually dont require so many as the body can make carbs as required . Fats and proteins are far more important. I eat mainly fat and protein and have very little fat on my body !
    Check out my U-TUBE video on THE FATS OF LIFE !!!
    The best fats are Omega 3 for all round heart, lung, brain, joint health and the necessary balance to all the loaded omega-6 which is packed into ALL PROCESSED FOODS…that causes INFLAMMATION in the body which is guaranteed to shorten your lifespan. Omega 3 is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, and will reduce all your risks for almost any disease, most of which are caused by INFLAMMATION !!! You need about 1000 mg of REAL omega-3 daily in the form of EPA/DHA…..
    Dr. Neville Wilson.

  4. Eggs are good Ror….Bacon only if you know your Butcher and the source of the bacon. Watch out for the processed stuff…usually loaded with omega 6 from vegetable oils, and is the underlying cause of most chronic disease today…..
    Eggs and salmon, yeah man….with added tomatoes and mushrooms and a bit of onion !

  5. Jonathan, carbs are ok if you are active and burn them off, but a health hazard if you are a couch potatoe! Remember, carbs stimulate insulin which is harmful in excess, (hyperinsulinaemia) and can damage the inner lining of your arteries, leading to all sorts of health problems. The more carbs you consume the more insulin your pancreas has to manufacture, and the end result could be diabetes, obesity and heart problems.
    Saturated fats do not cause an increase in the size or number of fat cells, and are safer for the heart than carbohydrates, in the long run.
    I eat lots of fat and have a lean body build, and feel full of energy at age 70 years !

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