Healthy Eating Plan

For me, and I’m sure millions of others, food is imperative to Enjoying Life. I can’t stand the feeling of an empty belly, and I really do enjoy some good food.

Whether you are looking to slim down or beef up a bit, here is a great eating plan for a day. It’s an excellent balance of fat, carbs and protein. Never skip breakfast, no matter what your agenda is.


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Enjoy this healthy (and delicious) meal plan:

250 ml of bran with full cream milk
1 Boiled egg
1 fruit

Mid-morning snack
A cup of cranberries and almonds
100% fruit juice

Dried Cranberries and Almonds

Chicken and mayo sandwich (never on white bread)
On the side: some spinach and tomato with sprinkled feta cheese

Mid-afternoon snack
Tuna and mayonnaise sandwich or an energy/protein snack bar.

Chicken and vegetable stir fry (use a quality olive oil to fry)

Chicken Veg StirFry

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Eat well, Live well, Stay Healthy!


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