Healthiest Countries in the World Infographic

Healthiest Countries in the World Infographic

Man has always searched for a way to live longer. From China’s Qin Shi Hwang to Spain’s Ponce de Leon, some of humanity’s most well-known figures searched for longevity.

Public health research has scoured the globe looking for cultures with residents who live the longest, and all the details and common practices have been published in the infographic below.

Some countries produce healthy citizens with a high life expectancy. The top five countries in the world for public health span three continents and multiple climates, but they have still have a few things in common.

This infographic shows you the common thread between these countries and how you can emulate their habits. Check out the information for tips on healthy exercise and eating that could make you a centenarian.

Iceland was ranked the healthiest country in the world by Forbes Magazine with only 3.2 deaths per 1000 births – incredible.

Some tips which come out of the research:

  • The most common element found amongst the healthiest coutries: they walk a lot, so keep active!
  • Live for a good purpose
  • Have lots of face-to-face, positive, human interaction.
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To view the infographic, click on the thumbnail below, then use your mouse to zoom in to read the information.
Healthiest Countries in the World Infographic


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