Google Olympic Hurdles Doodle

I’ve been enjoying the Google Doodles during the Olympics. Every day the homepage of Google Search has sported a picture depicting a different discipline of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Today it was the hurdles. But instead of just having a picture, Google made it an interactive game. I’ve made a video of it below.

  • Go to Google homepage (or go directly to
  • Click the “play” button
  • Then use your arrow keys on your keyboard to run (alternate left and right arrows)
  • The quicker you use the keys, the quicker your athlete runs
  • Press spacebar to jump over the hurdles
  • See your finishing time

My best time so far was 14.4 seconds, go try it!

See previous Google doodles.


My new best time: 11.4 seconds.  🙂


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