While international chefs such Marco Pierre White and Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen are on the menu at this year’s Good Food and Wine Show (GF&WS), budding child chefs will get their chance to discover the joys of cooking at the annual gastronomic gathering, thanks to The Kids Cooking Club, the Kids Deco Lab and a line-up of free live theatre events.

This year the hotly anticipated GF&WS takes place in Cape Town from 2-4 June, lands in Johannesburg for 28-30 July, and wraps up in Durban on the weekend of 27-29 October.


Cooking is not only fun. It’s a useful skill that everyone should learn early on in life. That’s why GF&WS ensures that the young’uns also get their fair share of enjoyment, and learn some basic tricks of the trade along the way.


This year, Claremont-based organisation The Kids Cooking Club will be sponsoring the Kids’ Corner at the GF&WS in Cape Town . Owned by Mo Goduka, the club holds regular classes for children aged 2 to 14, separating these young culinary scholars into groups according to age. There are the Tiny Tots (2- and 3-year-olds), the Junior Chefs (4- to 8-year-olds) and Master Chefs (8 years and up).

At the show, youngsters aged between 4 and 12 can learn how to cook a selection of basic meals, and practise techniques such as chopping, mixing, grating and kneading. Younger children will have plastic equipment to use, as well as guides to help them through the classes, while the older kids will be allowed a bit more freedom.

So what’s on the menu? Six themed cooking courses will be offered. First up, quite appropriately, is ‘Breakfast for Champs’. Kids who take part will create both a health breakfast (fruit salad and yoghurt) and an English-inspired one (omelette cups). Next up is a particularly yummy sounding course entitled ‘Wrap it Up’, which consists of a smoothie and, you guessed it, a wrap.

Kids will then learn how to make a dish best befitting the cold season. The ‘Winter Warmer’ is a soup served with braided bread. After upping their skills at the show, maybe your youngsters can make you a treat warm treat one chilly evening?

We’re guessing the next two courses will be particularly popular with kids. The first involves the creation of two yummy snacks, cheese scones and frittatas, while the second is devoted to pizza. After all the pizza pops and pizza wheels are made, spinach cupcakes and quiche will be introduced for the sixth and final course.

By the end of the session, your kids should have learnt the basics of everything from fruit salad to pizza, while having lots of fun. If they’re still screaming for dessert, however, you can take them to the Kids Deco Lab, where they can learn a bit about cake decoration. This year, the Kids Deco Lab will focus on how to decorate cupcakes.

J’Something turns up the beet

In addition to the GF&WS Kids Corner and Kids Deco Lab, celebrity chefs such as Lisa Raleigh (who has just had a baby of her own) and TV star and mum Sarah Graham will be sharing their tricks on how to prepare healthy and delicious meals for the family as part of their presentations in the free live theatres at the show. There’s also the chance to see and meet J’Something, leading man of popular band Mi Casa, who will share his secret recipes by preparing a tasty feast for the shows. As an added bonus, J’Something will take to the stage to perform his music.

Ticket prices for 2017

Entrance to the show is free for kids under 12 years of age. Once inside the show, the kids programme is also free, but places are available on a first-come-first-served basis.


The early bird online prices are valid up to one week prior to each show. Thereafter the door prices are applicable. Children under 12 can attend for free and Fridays are free for pensioners.

Door price Online


Terms and conditions
Adults R160 R144 Ticket for one entry for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Senior citizens over 65 R110 R100 Friday free. Valid with proof of ID.
Valid for one entry for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Students R110 R100 Valid with proof of student card.
Valid for one entry for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Age 13-18 R60 R50 Valid for one entry for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Age 0-12 Free Free Valid only with proof of ID
Two day pass R260 R210 Valid for two entries either Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday or Friday
and Sunday
Three day pass R380 R350 Valid for three entries on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Wine combo R200 R180 General one day entry admission with wine tasting

glass and six tasting coupons

Wine glass and tasting R60 Wine tasting glass with six tasting coupons


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