Birding Video: Glossy Starling Bathing

I have always liked Glossy Starlings. As a kid I would often see these birds on hikes and I loved their shimmering blue-green feathers.

We don’t see many of them where I live now, but the other morning we were woken to the sound of about five of them singing in a tree in our garden.

I filmed this Glossy Starling bathing in the roof gutter of one of our neighbours’ houses. I guess he found a bit of nature in a concrete jungle. Quite a fun sight to witness.
Press ‘play’ to watch the video below:

I know these birds are often seen around the campsites at the Kruger National Park. Glossy Starlings are usually dark coloured, often with a metallic sheen, and have very bright eyes. They eat insects and fruit, and enjoy expansive, open spaces.

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