Fun Outdoor Kid’s Party Ideas

Planning your child’s party can be both fun and stressful. The first thing you need to do is decide on a theme. Work your way from there and take everything one step at a time and you can be sure to have a party that you and your kids will enjoy. Check out these party ideas.


You can have lots of games and balloons in your backyard. You can have a simple carnival with a few rides or go big and rent your local park and turn it into a full-blown carnival. Hire clowns, magicians and animals.


Lots of color and lots of music – that’s what fiestas are all about! Decorate your backyard to look like a Spanish fiesta and watch the kids have fun with the piñatas.

Sprinkler Party

If you don’t have a pool, your kids can still have fun with a sprinkler party. Turn on your sprinklers and watch the kids go crazy. You can also fill up inflatable pools so that the kids can lounge around after they play with the sprinklers.

A sprinkler party is great because you don’t have to clean up the water mess after the party.

Sports Party

If your child is into sports, use that as a theme. You can order a football shaped cake or baseball cupcakes to give your guests. The kids can also play catch or watch their favorite football or baseball games.

You can also take out your trampolines and play centers for other children who are not active in sports. This way, everyone can have a great time.

Treasure Hunt

If your kid likes adventures, make a treasure hunt party and send them on an adventure around the house, in the backyard and around the neighbourhood.

Give them clues and maps to help them to locate the “buried treasure”.

Space Odyssey

Does your child want to become an astronaut? Give him a space themed party complete with space suits and a rocket cake. You can also hold space-themed games and give away space-themed prizes.

Camping Party

Put up several tents in your backyard and give each child a camping pack that comes with a flashlight, marshmallows, etc. The kids can sing camping songs, tell stories and roast marshmallows.

Candy Wonderland

If you have a candy maker/designer in your area, ask if they can give your child a candy wonderland party. They will make a cake out of candy according to your specifications. Both kids and adults will go crazy over a candy wonderland.

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