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How would you like to have a fire starter that you can carry with you anywhere? And it NEVER runs out of fuel!

You can get one for free (while stock is available) here –

This is literally the most compact low profile fire-starting tool you can carry, making it perfect for your wallet, purse, or EDC kit.

Watch me start a fire from an old bird’s nest that I found in less than 90 seconds with this tool!


Light fire in 90 secs


This is the exact same one that I carry in my wallet at all times and I’d like to give YOU one of these tools right now for free.

But I only have a few of these available and if you want to grab one you need to click the link below now!

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  • Burns incredibly hot– ignites tinder almost instantly
  • Can start a fire in 60 seconds flat
  • Compact: Credit card size fits easily into wallets
  • Never runs out of fuel 
  • Doesn’t get hurt if it gets wet
  • Doubles as a magnifying glass to read small print
  • BONUS: Receive the Fire Starter Secrets Report FREE – This report will show you 21 fail-safe ways to start a fire


Be Prepared For Anything, Anytime, Anywhere…
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Matthew D.

Mine is on its way :-) super stoked!!!!!! Thanx guys for hooking us up with this very usable and aesthetically cool gear at a price everybody can afford… I look forward to seeing what new and innovative gear you come up with next :-) I would have no problem being a test subject for any of the gear and give you detailed reviews lol. Thanx again…

Aaron A.

Got mine. Love it! Fits in wallet, pocket, bug out bag. Small, takes up little space. THANK YOU!

Michael T.

I have ordered these before and they work better than I ever thought they would.

John W.

Fantastic item. I purchased one of these for each of my kids as well as myself! It’s such a handy item to have when you are out hiking.

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