Enjoy Life’s Free Course Teaching SA to Make Money ONLINE

Here at Enjoy Life, we just launched our new Business Section from where we will be running a variety of Business and Entrepreneurial Courses.

The first such course is currently underway, it’s entitled How to Make Money Online in South Africa and it is completely free!

In this course we will take members through a variety of methods of how they can make money online, and most importantly, how they can be paid in Rands for their efforts.

Rands from timeslive

And to keep it all-inclusive these methods will not require owning a blog or website, or any coding knowledge, which basically means there will not be any payment required along the way. While it is definitely easier to make money online by spending money, this course will focus on methods that do not require any expense at all, making it accessible to everyone who has online access.

You can sign up for this free course by clicking this link:

We will soon be launching some of other courses, so if you have an interest in Business or Entrepreneurship be sure to keep a close eye on our business page.


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