5 Fun School Trip Ideas for Students

As a teacher it can be tricky to find an exciting and educational location for a school trip. Making sure your field trips are educational and fit in with the curriculum is one thing, but trying to please thirty teenagers at the same time can be tricky.

In this post we look at five great field trip locations for a history, PE, drama, art or geography class. Each is guaranteed to be both educational and fun for all involved:

Living History Museums and Exhibits (History)

Living History Museum

While some children revel in learning about the past, others place more emphasis on living for the future. In order to please the masses and make history exciting for everyone, a trip to a living history museum or exhibit is a great place to start.

By bringing history to life, pupils of all ages can learn from characters from the time, see how people lived and enjoy a great day out. Younger children will love the dress up aspects of these museums, whilst older pupils will enjoy the freedom of exploring the exhibits on their own.

Adventure Sports (PE)

Taking PE out of the classroom is a great way to ignite students’ passion for sports and outdoor activities. There are loads of local indoor and outdoor adventure sports days that would be perfect for an end of term treat.

Rock climbing, canoeing, skiing and horse riding are all great for team building, as well as keeping on the educational track. A great way to encourage children to take part is by letting them wear customised hoodies in your schools colours, with their names on the back.

Theatre and Acting Master Classes (Drama)

One of the best ways to improve your students’ drama skills is with a trip to the theatre. Whether amateur or professional, your pupils will enjoy seeing how a full production is put together, rather than just learning the theory.

Many theatres will allow schools to go on trips backstage and to take part in acting master classes with some of the performers. A fresh outlook, in an external environment, can have a hugely positive impact on the success of your pupils.

Hands-On Arts & Crafts (Art)

As with drama, immersing your pupils in a hands-on arts and crafts class can be a great idea for a field trip. Whether they visit a gallery first and take part in a painting exercise after, or learn a brand new skill like pottery, it’s a fun and educational day out.

By giving your pupils chance to experience different skills and crafts, you will be able to help them improve their creativity. These new ideas will help them produce work they would never have otherwise when you make it back to the classroom.

Orienteering (Geography)

Geography doesn’t have to be all about countries, volcanoes and earthquakes. If your pupils are looking for a fresh outlook on this lesson, an orienteering weekend or day out could be the perfect school trip.

Give the pupils a map, compass and tell them to find certain locations by a certain time. Pupils will be given more responsibility and independence, and can compete to win prizes by being the first person to reach posts or complete the challenge.

School trips don’t have to be boring – for you or the students. These are just a handful of great trip suggestions that are perfect for everyone. Fun and educational doesn’t have to be impossible for teachers anymore.

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