Fashion Tips that Work with Your Body No Matter the Type

Wrap Dress with Chevron Diagonal Prints

Many of us want to drop a size or two; shed some kilos on the curves probably, but what we don’t know is that you can ‘look’ like you’ve dropped a size by wearing clothes that flatter your body type.

When it comes to looking good, it’s not your shape or size that matters, it’s about finding the correct fashion tips that will work for your body no matter the shape. Here are 5 fashion that will help you look good with your body.


  • Proportion is Balance


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  • Color can trick the eye


Darks colors hide a lot of imperfections, so the bigger the bust, the darker the color can be. Dark shades like gray, plum, evergreen and navy are some examples of dark colors. The slimmer you are, lighter colors will work for you. If you are into colored denim fashion, you can balance them with darker colors to trick the eye.


  • Structure is forgiving


Sharp-shouldered blazers make a waist look smaller and a fit-and-flare peplum to create the illusion of bigger hips.  Darts and seaming is a good tip if you want to provide definition on any part of your body.


  • Diagonal lines make it better


You can never go wrong in a wrap dress all thanks to diagonals, slimming and curve creating clothes with seams, chevron prints, asymmetrical necklines and hemlines, and any other form of slanted lines. An hourglass shape illusion is now possible with diagonal lines.


  • The fine print on prints
Wrap Dress with Chevron Diagonal Prints
Wrap Dress with Chevron Diagonal Prints



With this one, size does matter; the bigger you are, the wider the prints need to be and visa-versa. Dark colors with vertical panels on the sides of the body come to play again here because darker patterns give the illusion of a slimmer body shape. But anyone can pull off a dark top with thin, colorful lines for that great body.


These fashion tips should surely make shopping and dressing easier now because you will get to look good no matter the body size or shape. Make your clothes work for you, let them flatter you. This post is sponsored by Veet Beauty Secrets, visit their website for more beauty health and fashion tips.

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