Expand the Imagination

Reading is a great, relaxing pastime, as well as a method of communication, and of sharing information and ideas. 

Books are more than just decorated paperweights, or signs of intelligence to fill a bookshelf to impress the occasional visitor.  

A good novel expands the imagination, and offers the opportunity to step into an alternate world and, as long as the pages keep turning, live an adventurous, vicarious existence.


Experience the characters in legendry classics such as:

These authors have stood the test of time and long after the latest ‘movie of the year’ has faded into obscurity, the books of these literary geniuses will dazzle and entertain new readers of another generation.  

A good read can inspire, motivate, educate, illuminate, challenge, or soothe the soul.

Click here to read book reviews on a wide selection of novels. New reviews are continually added, so keep checking back.

2 Comments on “Expand the Imagination”

  1. Good stuff man! As far as classics go, I’m currently reading Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. Also reading the book that is advertised at the top of your screen there. “New York” is a great read for anyone who enjoys multi-generational sagas.

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