Everybody has a Voice

Have you ever been invited to a karaoke night with your friends and within the first five minutes of your arrival you are already looking for the nearest exit?

Bad Kareoke
Sitting through utter ear discomfort, I found myself pondering upon this thought:
How can some people stay on key and have perfect pitch, whilst others sing a completely different note to what they are supposed to be?

‘Tone deaf’ is what most people call it, but in actual fact, there are very few tone deaf people in the world. People who are tone deaf have a very monotonous way of speaking as they cannot identify or produce different pitches. These people lack a major nerve pathway which links sound perception and sound production to the brain.

What you are most likely experiencing at a karaoke night are simply people who have poor pitch abilities, which could be due to a number of reasons:
The person could have poor hearing or a poor memory.
Poor memory happens when a person hears the sound but cannot imitate it as they forget the note straight after they have heard it.
Harmful criticism is another common reason for poor pitch abilities. People who aren’t born with the natural talent, or who haven’t been exposed to music at a young age, are able to learn to stay on pitch or keep in key by doing vocal exercises such as humming and training your voice at different pitches. This will help you reach notes that are out of your reach which results in the off-key singing.

Get voice lessons via videos  http://enjoylife.co.za/vocal-coaching/
Get voice lessons via videos http://enjoylife.co.za/vocal-coaching/


Although pulling your hair out seems a good option whilst enduring a dreaded karaoke evening, remember, singing is not for everybody, but everybody can sing because everybody has a voice.


by Kayla Jordon du Pisanie

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