Entertaining, Unusual and Admirable Hobbies

Having a hobby is generally seen as a good thing. It gives you something to do when you are bored, often involves either mental or physical exertion, can provide a social outlet and gives you something to talk about that isn’t work.

Some people collect things, others play sports or learn to dance, some like to read or watch films. Some people, however, develop truly unique hobbies of their very own.

Appearing on Television (uninvited)

A man from South London, Paul Yarrow, made it into the national papers a couple of years ago after a growing Twitter following alerted the papers to his activities. Yarrow likes to appear in the background on television as often as possible, usually wearing the same beige jersey.

So far he has been spotted on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky channels, from parliamentary round-ups to the Antiques Roadshow. As of July 2010 he had been spotted on no less than sixteen separate programmes, including once in a broadcast by Arab network al-Jazeera.

Giving Away Money to Strangers

This has to be the most admirable hobby to make the list by a long chalk. American Reed Sandridge lost his job, but instead of feeling resentful he thought of his late mother’s words of advice, about how “it’s when you are most in need of help yourself that you should find the time to help others.”

He embarked on what he called his ‘Year of Giving’, where every day he scoured the local community for someone he thought was in need and gave them $10. All he asked in return was that they share their story with him and perhaps tell what they planned to do with the money.

He created a blog about his activities which then became a stage show in which he encourages audience members to become part of what he calls ‘The Circle of Kindness’.

Knitting Breasts

Audrey Horncastle, a woman in her eighties living in Sussex, has spent her free time for the past three years knitting woollen breasts! She began the project to help out her daughter, who is a community nurse.

The knitted breasts are put to use teaching first time mums how to breast feed their newborn babies. The local health authorities help out by paying for the cost of the materials but Audrey enjoys doing it so much that she contributes her time absolutely free. She says she has no intention of stopping as long as there is demand.

Collecting Artificial Grass

Marlene Little, a BA Honours Textiles Course Director from the Midlands, collects artificial turf in her spare time. She currently possesses around 35 different types of grass and is always on the hunt for more.

Her interest began when she spotted some of the turf in a discount store in Australia. As a textiles professor it spiked her interest and the collection began to spiral. She has now been collecting for five years and has no plans to call a halt any time soon.

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