The Inventions that made our Lives More Enjoyable (Infographic)

Stop for a moment and think about your favorite convenience. Whether it’s the internet or the cell phone in your pocket, you owe its existence to thousands upon thousands of people.

People make its parts, people ship its parts, and people manufacture the transportation that ships them; there are accountants and lawyers, gas station attendants and janitors behind nearly everything in our lives today.

Perhaps the most notable faces in these chains are the inventors to whom we owe the modern. After all, someone had to invent the integrated circuit for any computerized chip to exist, and someone had to develop theories of electricity in the first place for circuits to even be conceivable.

From airplanes to potato chips, there are decades or even centuries of innovations, countless faces and the genius minds behind them, that we owe our conveniences to. Below is a look at some people that we owe a lot of thanks.

It’s a great infographic which details all the major players who shaped and formed our lives in the following areas:  cars, music players, cellphones, potato chips, computers and the Internet, food processors, indoor plumbing, air travel and electricity.

It really makes for fascinating reading; seeing things like the birth of the Internet and the evolution of the motor car. The funniest thing I read was about the man who invented a siphon system of emptying the septic cistern of the toilet.
His name?
Thomas Crapper.

Click on the infographic to open it, then you can zoom in and out with your mouse:

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