Enjoy Life’s New Look

I decided to revamp the Enjoy Life blog, and give it a new look. I’ve changed the theme and layout, and in doing so, have hopefully made it easier and smoother to navigate through the pages.

I felt the previous layout was a bit ‘busy’ and am hoping the new minimalistic, cleaner look will appeal to readers more.

In case you forgot, or are new to the site, it used to look like this:

Click to Enlarge

Let me know which one you prefer, and if you have any thoughts (positive or negative) about the new layout, in the comment section. Thanks.

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2 Comments on “Enjoy Life’s New Look”

  1. Like the Apple’esque grey – easy on the eyes and slicker … now for that header – you can’t go wrong with Helvetica (Bold or Extra Bold works too) – its the worlds most iconic / loved type face (Comic Sans people going mental right now) but it is and is considered (wait for it) – the most perfect typeface ever created…

    With the design change – i’d chose a complimentary colour and stick to it – so in the case of the Green or Blue in the header – choose one – or go for uniform Grey – that too is slick!

    Later hater (Am I a hater?)

  2. Now that you mention it looks “Apple’esque” I’ll have to change it again.

    Yip, the header will be changing soon, most likely a rotating one. The font will probably be the World’s Favourite …. Papyrus!
    Haha – jokes.

    Thanks for the thoughts. Keep popping in with your queer eye and creative mind.

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