Egyptian Geese Video

My wife and spent the last weekend at a picturesque river area; a nice picnic spot.
We saw quite a few birds including two beautiful Egyptian Geese. I managed to get quite close to them on camera, using a 40x optical zoom.

They sat on a rocky ledge preening themselves after a flight over the river.

At one stage a rock dassie scurried along just below them which gave the one goose quite a fright. She gave a loud screech and flew off her perch, but eventually settled later at a lower ledge.

Egyptian Geese are mainly terrestrial, but they do also nest in high places such as tall trees or buildings. They sometimes even nest on top of old nests made by other birds.

Both sexes look alike, but can be recognized by the sounds they make. The ganders hiss, while the females make a loud cackling call. So while these two kept pretty quiet during the video it wasn’t always possible to tell which one was male or female.

These geese spend most of their time on land, but they are strong swimmers and will quickly take to water if something nearby threatens them.  They mate for life and may lay as many as 22 eggs. Both parents will take turns incubating the eggs.

Here’s the short video of the Egyptian Geese across the river:

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