Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

You’ve probably heard, ad nauseum, that cholesterol containing food is very bad for you, and if you want to have a long and healthy life you had better keep these nasty items off your dietary list!

We all know that eggs are high in cholesterol – it’s actually the egg yolk, the yellow bit, that is a virtual lump of cholesterol, and not the white of the egg. That’s the protein part, which is also important for health.

Healthy Eggs

Have you seen some folk actually discarding the yellow yolk, for fear of eating too much cholesterol. Good idea?

Bad idea!!

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Cholesterol is actually not that sticky, greasy gunk, that “blocks your arteries, like the gunk in your kitchen drain”. Heard that one before?

Your radio and TV adverts have pushed this line so often, that even some doctors still believe this nonsense!

Any chemistry book will tell you that cholesterol is actually an alcohol, and no way can it “stick to arteries or block your vessels”.

Scientifically impossible!

And guess what? If you eat cholesterol, it does not raise your blood cholesterol level, in at least two thirds of the population.

In the other 30% or so of us eggs may slightly increase our cholesterol, but it’s actually the “good cholesterol” that will go up, what is called HDL, and that CERTAINLY can’t harm you, because science tells us that “good cholesterol” protects our arteries and our hearts!

You may be saying, “But my doctor says that cholesterol will raise my “bad cholesterol” , the nasty LDL, and that may cause a stroke or a heart attack!”

Partly true, but not all true!

A lot of new research teaches that there are different types of LDL, and that they are not all “bad”.

Some LDL are big, fluffy particles, and these are actually good for you! Confusing? Good “bad LDL” , hey that sounds odd, but it is completely scientifically true.

The only LDL particles that could be bad for you are the tiny particles; called small dense LDL particles. (SDLDL). (They may become oxidized and cause inflammation in our arteries).

Guess what? For the 1/3 of us whose cholesterol goes up when we eat eggs, it is actually the big, fluffy LDL particles that goes up, and not the small dense LDL particles.

Also, the “good” HDL goes up when we eat eggs.

And that is just great for our arteries. We eat the eggs, and the “good” HDL goes up, and also the big, fluffy, buoyant LDL particles increase in size, and the cholesterol number goes up…….and no worries, all is well!

Enjoy your eggs!

Another very important fact is that the yellow yolk contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are vital to your health, like magnesium, calcium, copper, iron and vitamins D, A, K & E.

Many of us are short in these important nutrients, and one or two eggs a couple of times a week may improve these deficiencies.

Young school children are too often fed a worthless breakfast cereal, when they should be eating a health-giving egg or two several times a week.

Children Should eat eggs for breakfast
Children should have eggs for breakfast

The same goes for athletes, and even for the older folks, who may not be eating a nutrient dense meal on a regular basis.

And all the rest of us?

Eat your eggs with pleasure, and with the confidence that it will protect, rather than harm, your heart and blood vessels.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to submit them below.

by Dr Neville Wilson. who has been in the Medical field for over forty years.
He runs his own blog here.

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