East London Restaurants Dropping the Ball

A few Enjoy Life readers have recently sent in some feedback regarding East London’s restaurants and Coffee Shops:



Andrew sent in a picture of his pizza from Guidos Pizzaria in Beacon Bay; he ordered a Ritz Pizza which consists of Avo, Feta Cheese and Bacon. But he says the quality was terrible: “it was so bland and there was hardly any bacon at all! It seemed like some finely shaved ham.  You even had to search to find the feta. If I had this in the restaurant I definitely would have sent it back. Perhaps they’re skimping on the takeaway orders.”

Guidos Pizza

Lucy wrote that she was shocked that Toast in Selborne charged her to share a meal with a friend. “I ordered one salad and asked if they could bring a second plate so I could share it with my friend as it was quite large. When we got the bill we saw they had charged us a R15 fee for ‘sharing’. That’s ridiciulous! The waitress should have at least told me about the fee when she took our order.”

Anton said how he had noticed the decrease in quality of coffee at both Country Bumpkin restaurant and Spargs’ upstairs ‘Corner Coffee Shop‘: “The coffee at Country Bumpkin has obviously been watered down. That’s probably why they offer a bottomless cup for R15.”


However, on the positive side, there have been some good reports as well:

Lindy says there are great coffees and cappuccinos at Lavender Blue and Brady’s Cafe at Floradale… “if you want some good caffeine those are the two places to get it.”


And Kim was highly impressed with the excellent service and quality at Sanook in Berea. She loved “how they went out of their way to make up a new table for our party of ten people even though they were fully booked. We were served by very friendly waiters and the drinks were great!”

Have you had some good or bad experiences at local outlets? We’d love to hear your feedback; positive or negative. Leave a comment below or email reviews@enjoylife.co.za

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