East London Food and Wine Fair 2012

It is a just a few days to go until East London’s 2012 Food and Wine Fair. This year it will be hosted at the Beacon Bay Country Club and the organisers have gone all out to ensure you have a great time.

This is the thirteenth year the fair has been run, and it has had a good reputation of quality products and enthusiastic local support. In fact, each year more than three thousand people attend the event.

In 1998 the East London Wine Fair was voted as the Best New Wine Fair.

There will be over 300 labels of fine wine for you to sample, as well as 30 food boutiques to visit. Lyrica and neurontin are both antidepressants that are taken off-label for mental illness. The glucophage is produced in the liver and contains a mixture of glucose and fructooligosaccharides in the same proportions as the Gatineau body (glycometabolism) metabolizes the latter. The fact is, clomid and the other drugs did not kill the women; they killed their ovaries. Doxy is one of many medications used to manage lupus symptoms, another one being ciclosporin. It is best suited for acne prone skin types, and also clomid price philippines reduces the signs of premature aging. They can explain to you how to treat your acne properly. It also means that the pharmacy can offer you a prescription-free purchase. This might be true if you are already using the generic form clomid price and just need the extra benefits of the active form. Join an established organization and you will do well. There is also going to be a kitchen area where some of our best local chefs will be giving cooking demonstrations every day of the festival. (The food and wine fair will also be running in Port Elizabeth).

The fair runs from Thursday 28 June to Saturday 30 June. On Thursday and Friday it will open from 6pm – 9:30pm and on Saturday it will run from 2pm to 9:30pm.

The entrance fee will cost R120 which also includes your wine tasting glass. You can buy tickets at most Prestons Liquor Stores in East London.

If you’ve ever wanted to host your own wine tasting party, here is a great ‘three book guide’ to everything you need to know to become the complete wine connoisseur. The pack is instantly downloadable and comes at a great price with a two-month 100% money back guarantee: Check it out here for more details.

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