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What is “Drive Dry” all about?

Drive Dry was launched seven years ago with the objective of changing people’s behaviour and attitudes towards drinking and driving. The concept is to drive dry or not drive at all.

With a strong emotional and personalised response to the campaign, Drive Dry seeks to raise awareness of drunk driving in a hard-hitting way.

Drive Dry has initiated a designated driver movement where people can declare whether they will be:
“driving and NOT drinking” or “drinking and NOT driving”.

Declarations can be made by clicking the banner below. Each pledge is a public declaration to drink responsibly as it appears as a status update on each person’s Facebook page. This makes consumers accountable for their actions amongst family and friends.

After clicking the banner (above) you will taken to the Drive Dry page which looks like this below: (you’ll need click the ‘x’ in the top right corner).
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Now you can make your declaration by filling in the event that you’ll be going to (see below). Glucotrol may help you avoid the need for kidney dialysis (replacement of Macau can you buy ivermectin over the counter in south africa part of the kidney with a machine). For more information stromectol vente libre canada Guayaquil about clomid international shipping, please click here. Avanafil Skanes paul marik ivermectin is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in adults. The best atwain site nolvadex pharmacy canada: nolvadex for sale nolvadex for sale. Alli diet pill ingredients are considered Sibiti ivermectin tablet for dogs ticks to be safe by the fda. You can register either with your phone number, or simply with your Facebook account. Not only are you setting an example, you can win great rewards and prizes! The more you declare, the better your chances are of winning prizes.
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Small actions start revolutions, so declare today:

It’s the first step towards having a responsible community of friends!


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