Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

A Book Review of ‘Digital Fortress’ by Dan Brown.

This book was brilliantly written. Although it was another of Dan Brown’s novels (The Da Vinci Code) which achieved most of the fame and popularity, this is still one of my favourite of his novels, probably only second to ‘Angels and Demons’.

Digital Fortress was the first Dan Brown novel I read, and it introduced me to an exceptional writer and a mesmeric storyteller.

The story follows a leading cryptographer (code-breaker) named Susan Fletcher who works for the National Security Agency. She has uncovered a mysterious, complex code which has been designed to cripple U.S Intelligence. Basically cyber-terrorism.

She soon finds herself fighting to save her country and her own life, battling to find someone to trust amidst the all the double-crossing and betrayal.

Conspiracy theorists will definitely love the book, but it’s so plausible, and unbelievably riveting, that anyone would battle to take a break from reading.

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