Crazy Eights – Card Game for All Occasions

When I was in grade 9 at school a few of my buddies taught me a cool card game.

We got so addicted to the game we would play at any and every opportunity; as soon as our teacher would give us some work to carry on with in class, four of us would sit in a 8 of All Suits (from wikimedia)strategic structure with our books on our desks and deal the cards on our seats. We’d have a quick, secret game.

The game was Crazy Eights, and is based on the popular game of Uno. Over the years I have seen many different versions of the game, the rules differing slightly each time. But, the basics remain the same; if you’re looking for a new, fun card game,

This is how to play Crazy Eights:

The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards first.  Each player gets dealt 8 cards, the rest of the pack placed in the middle of the table with the top card turn up to start a new pile.  

Play starts at the left of the dealer.  Cards can be played on the same numbers or same suits (e.g. any 5 can be played on another 5, or any Heart can be played on any other Heart). 

Once you have only 3 cards remaining, you need to say “three cards”.  If you forget and someone else says it for you, you face a penalty and must pick up another two cards.  The same rule applies when you have two or one card remaining.

Special cards are as follows:


Reverse the current playing direction.  If there are only two players, playing a seven means you can play another card.  Can only be played on same suit.


Jumps/skips the next person to play. Again if there are only two of you, you can play again.  Can only be played on same suit.


Changes the suit to any of your choice. Can be played on any suit.


The following player must pick up 4 cards. Can be played on any suit. The four also acts as a suit-changer, and when you play it you stipulate what suit needs to be played from then on.  The following player can only play another four or a two if the two is of the new suit stipulated by the one playing the four (e.g. player 1 puts down a four of clubs and says ‘diamonds’. Player 2 can then only play another 4, or a 2 of diamonds. If he has neither he must pick up four cards).


The following player must pick up two cards, unless he has a two or four. Can only be played on same suit.


– Can be addictive.

– Don’t play with people who have violently competitive natures   🙂

As soon as you’ve got the hang of the basics of the game, you can add in all sorts of extras to spice up the game play.


A player takes too long to play his hand. “Too Long” is a very subjective term and you should establish this before the start of play. At times we would play blitz games with 3 seconds being the limit before a player incurred a penalty. Penalty = pick up 2 cards.

Wrong Play

Playing out of turn, or playing an incorrect card. Penalty = pick up 2 cards.

Crazy Eights

If you hold 2 or more 8’s in your hand you can play one and say “Crazy Eights”. Every other player will then have to pick up 2 cards UNLESS they have an 8 in their hand. If they do hold an 8, they can choose to play it to avoid the penalty, or keep the 8 and pick up to more cards. Once everyone has played (picked up two or played an 8 ) you must then play your second 8 and announce what suit is to be played.

Play and Enjoy!

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