Converted Homes: Create the Ideal Living Space

Converted Homes: From Rags to Riches

Warehouses, barns, old mills and sheds hold little appeal for most, but some people see huge potential when looking at these old and derelict places. Converted homes that were once comprised of old rotting wooden structures or rusted metal are now proud addresses.

Turning one of these old abandoned properties into your dream home does require some budget and a lot of imagination, but that’s the best part. What you can see at the end of the road is what makes all the difference.

An old grain silo made of adjoining corrugated metal covers a space of 1800-square-feet was converted into a home by a gentleman who wanted the space to entertain friends and family. The rooms look like little pods and the entire house is rigged for stereo sound and flat screen monitors.

Hidden Gems

Even for some who don’t see the potential of old abandoned warehouses becoming their homes, everyone wants an old firehouse as their home. The cool spiral staircases and the fireman’s pole, that’s enough for some.

But, for one couple the structure that started as an old Trolley house, was converted to a firehouse and then finally into a home. The converted home is 5000-square foot and features an observation deck over the living room and the old attic was opened and converted to a mezzanine level. The area is open and spacious with lots of light streaming in.

A Rustic Retreat

Or, for those who prefer more rustic surroundings there is always an old forest-fire spotting tower to consider. They’re no longer in use so their potential to be a converted home is plentiful. Reconditioned to be eco-friendly, because they’re situated in the middle of forests, these spotting towers have amazing surrounding foliage and are perfect when you want to get away from the city.

Anyone who is looking for an old abandoned place to convert into a home naturally looks for warehouses, barns and containers. One such person decided not to take the old train station, but rather convert the old Caboose. The sweet little red caboose that could, can’t now, but it certainly has an interior that makes all the other trains jealous. Situated on 4.25 acres, on an island close to Washington DC this little charmer was converted into a small and cosy home that certainly makes up for its lack of space with its converted interior of down-lighting, viewing deck and furniture to match.

Converted homes might start out as empty or abandoned spaces, but with a bit of know-how and care they can be transformed into luxurious, modern and comfortable homes.


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Sally Roberts enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics, in particular luxury living, beautiful home interiors and stylish conversions; one day she hopes to have her own luxury property for rent in Maida Vale, and some of the converted homes she’s seen have provided her with plenty of inspiration!

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