Chris Brown Slammed in Review

I’m sick of celebrities being the worst role models ever. And the media worships them and gives them a free pass to their misdemeanours and flagrant disregard for morals, other people and the law.

Especially since a lot of today’s celebrities (like certain “reality tv stars”) are famous for doing absolutely nothing and just love making public appearances.

For the, most part, the media panders them, heaps praise on them and turns a blind eye to their shenanigans.

But every now and again, someone in the media will say “enough!” and write an honest article, saying it like it is.

One of these was Chris Havercroft who wrote a brilliant, scathing review on girlfriend-beater Chris Brown’s latest album.

(I’ve edited the some of the review to keep with the blog protocols)

Check it out :

Thanks Pramesh.

One Comment on “Chris Brown Slammed in Review”

  1. The hip-hop scene seems to be a rife area of violence and abuse against women – and it is blatently supported by fans. How the world can continue to support this man is absurd at best.

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