Choosing the Healthier Groceries

I’ve written quite a few times about Jamie Oliver and, more specifically, his Healthy Food Revolution in which his mission is to get the world to start eating healthier meals.

A big part of this is choosing the healthier option every time you do your grocery shopping. And if you’re not sure which product to choose he has an extremely simple method for those of us who aren’t in the health profession.

He recommends you just take a quick squiz at the ingredient list on the back of the product: If it looks like some NASA science experiment jargon with a hundred different ingredients with most of them being things you haven’t heard of, then don’t buy it.

However, if the ingredients sound like things you’d find in your gran’s cupboard (flour, milk, eggs) then go ahead and buy it. It will in all certainty be the healthier option.

Eat healthier, Live better.

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2 Comments on “Choosing the Healthier Groceries”

  1. Lol, yip, it is quite funny. But so true.

    If we would just stop sometimes to have a look at the ingredients (especially on frozen ready-to-go foods), I think we’d be amazed (and sometimes disgusted) at what we were putting into our bodies.

    So the “NASA science experiment” is an easy way to check 🙂

    ~ Rory

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