How To Choose Flowers On Valentine’s Day

Giving Flowers on Valentines Day - Enjoylife

Valentine’s Day flowers are more than a sweet gesture. They are not offered because it is expected, or they shouldn’t be.

So, why are men all across the globe rushing out to buy these flowers come February the 14th? It is a simple answer that makes perfect sense. Flowers are in the truest sense a representation of everything delicate and beautiful.

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Flowers also represent sexuality. How do you know what flowers mean when you get them? That’s easy too! We all know that red roses absolutely represent love! However, these are typical and little imagination is put into this gift. Daisies also represent love, loyalty, faith and innocence. Tulips are a flower that shows a hopeless and undying love as well.

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Flowers should not be over given. They are meant for special occasions. This is something that is better appreciated when it is spontaneous and when the giving is spaced apart. Still, if you are going to give flowers make sure you do a little homework on what they mean. Whatever you do, don’t offer striped carnations, because they are a flower representing refusal. Can you see now why a little effort into the flowers you are choosing can be beneficial?

Giving Flowers on Valentines Day - Enjoylife

Be Different

The perfect and well thought out bouquet followed by the real things that women want on Valentine’s Day can get you a long way with that special someone. Surprisingly it is not the stereotype chocolates and red roses that women are dying to get, but the thought and imagination from someone they love and cherish is priceless. In this situation it truly is the “thought” behind the gifts that count.

Choose the flowers and gifts around what you know. What are her favorite flowers, color and romantic movie? Show her that you listen and that you know what she likes. That is better than diamonds and much cheaper as well. If you actually stay to watch the movie with her it’s priceless!  When you make a woman feel like she is adored you have given the perfect gift. Doing this from the heart is the best method always.

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You would be surprised at how easy women really are to please. It is the things that you cannot put a price tag on that matter. Sure, she wants flowers, but not the traditional long stem red roses. She wants her favorite flowers, she wants the man she loves to love her and she wants to know that he listens. Those are the best gifts for a woman.

by John Shaone


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