Cheap DIY Decor Tips

You don’t have to hire an interior decorator and spend a small fortune to enjoy a beautiful home. There are ways to decorate your home on a tight budget, so every household can enjoy a home that is attractive and welcoming. Here are a few cheap DIY home décor ideas that you can put to work in your home.

Look at the Fine Details

A simple bookshelf adds valuable storage space, but the style is limited. You may have the most attractive knick-knacks to fill the shelves, but they are lost in the bland background. Give the bookshelf more pop and draw more focus to your prized items with a colorful backsplash. Either paint it a complementary color, or you can use fabric or patterned wallpaper to make the background more attractive and impressive.

DIY creative ideas for glass candle holder

DIY Candles

Glass candle holders are attractive and incredibly versatile. Burn a tea light in one to cast a soft glow in any area, or fill them with potpourri. Dress up the exterior with pressed flowers, ribbons and even decorative painting. If you have a dull spot that needs a little something, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on decorative items. You can save money by investing in a glass candle holder and your own creativity.

Embrace Color

Painting is the fastest and most affordable way to improve your home and make it more attractive. Change the color of a room to make it fresh and new. With the use of tape and a level, you can even paint on stripes for interest. Head to the craft store and look at large stamps to add some subtle texture and design to any wall. There are countless faux painting options available to help you transform any space.

Get Creative with Furniture

Bedroom dressers don’t have to be used only for pants and shirts. You can move one into the foyer for hats and gloves. Put a dresser in the playroom for toys. Add one to the laundry room as an attractive folding area and for extra supplies. You can also find better uses for tables, storage benches and cabinets when you let yourself get creative.

Repurpose and Recycle

Visit thrift stores to find deals on decorative items you love. The greatest savings might be waiting for you on sites like eBay or Craigslist. You can also look around your home for items that will work better in different rooms. Don’t be afraid to repurpose and recycle when you are decorating on a budget. The curtains that you’ve grown tired of in the living room might be perfect for a bedroom, and that pitcher you never use for lemonade would make a sharp flower vase.

Look at Illumination

One area where you might want to spend a little money is on the lighting around your home. Nothing dates a home faster than aging lights that scream out at you from another decade. Invest in better lights to give your home that current look without spending a small fortune.

There are several ways to improve your home and decorate it on a budget. You can find cool decorative items at thrift stores, and the perfect piece for one room might be sitting unused in another part of your house. Get creative with furniture and other items to find your own style and start making your own unique look.

written by Ben who has recently bought a new home on Long Islannd, NYC. He and his wife used all of their creative ideas to make whole new home decor. Since they had a tight budget, they were forced to make a plenty of DIY stuff.

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