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Funny Soccer

Craziest Soccer Own Goal Ever! Funny Video

This must be the craziest own goal ever. (See the video below) The match being played was between Thurrock and Romford. A Thurrock defender, Kamarl Duncan, who was near the halfway line, tried to clear the ball by hoofing it upfield. He sliced it a bit and the ball flew …

Peter Truter with Springbuck Ram - May 1996

A Different Perspective on Hunting

“So you ready boet?” asked my cousin and registered Professional Hunter, Eric Truter. I nodded as I got myself comfortable in the passenger seat of the Isuzu double cab. My brand new Rossi lever action .44 carbine rested against my leg, the barrel pointed down, touching the cab floorboard. “Don’t …

Collection of Butterflies

Best Ideas for Children to Collect

Starting a collection can be a great hobby and something that people of all ages can enjoy. Collecting is especially an interesting hobby for children and something they can enjoy all the way into their adulthood. It teaches kids a lot about their chosen items and is also a wonderfully …

Ride On Mower

Ride-on Lawn Mower

Choosing the The Right Ride-on Mower Mowing the lawn is something I do at least twice a month. I recently had the chance to use a Ride-on lawn mower for the first time which was a lot of fun. It made the job a breeze and didn’t feel like work at …

Rope Swing

Building a Swing in the Forest (Video)

Last week my wife and I took our dog to a friend’s farm for a walk, and perhaps canoe on their river. We’ve been there a few times before and we always end up having a good time. We also usually find something new to do each time we go …

Night Race on

PwC Night Race Video (East London)

The East London PwC Night Race was held on Friday 18 January. It started and ended at Old Selbornian Club. It’s a very enjoyable run which primarily meanders through Nahoon and Stirling. There was an excellent turn-out; it was well organized and very affordable (R36 for the 10km and R26 …