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Postnatal Health – How To Regain & Maintain Your Fitness

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There are many types of exercise that will stimulate your cardiovascular system, your circulation and breathing and help you to maintain a healthy heart, as well as toning muscle groups for better posture and overall well-being. If you do not wish or are unable to join a formal fitness class […]

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This Natural (Strange) Home Remedy is a Miracle Worker – Boost Your Health

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The best days I have had with my gran, were the days where she would tell me stories of how things used to be. She would start off every story with the words, ‘You know, when I was about your age…’ Sound familiar? A lot of the knowledge that I […]

3 Best Ways To Improve Your Heart Health

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Your heart is an important muscle to your body. A healthy heart keeps blood flowing freely throughout your body and keeps everything running smoothly. When your heart is not healthy, serious complications can arise. Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in the United States. In […]

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Mosquitno’s Funky Products Repel Irritating Bugs

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Summer is just around the corner, and with all the great things that arrive with the beach season, there comes one major negative: Mosquitoes!   Now, thanks to Mosquitno, there is no need to spray or rub in insect repellent to escape these nasty blood-suckers.  Just stick  on one of […]

Relaxing Once in a While

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In today’s often hectic and stressful times people are increasingly put under pressure, be it by their social communities or by their work environment. Working overtime has often become the norm, and once at home, one’s families also require attention. It is therefore crucial for the personal well-being to find […]

Links Between Parenting Style and Teen Drug-Use

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Do Certain Parenting Styles Predispose Teens to Drug and Alcohol Abuse? Studies have shown that parenting style has a significant influence on a teen’s decision to use illicit drugs. While there is no cure-all (children still have agency or instrumentality), the way you rear your children could prevent a lot […]

Music Makes Your Brain Healthier and Function Better

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Your Brain On Music – Measurably Healthier, Enhanced Functionality During the past decade, clinical research has revealed a great deal about how playing a musical instrument affects the brain. This is an activity that produces measurable differences in brain function and even form. Taking lessons and regularly playing a musical instrument offers […]

Sleep Deprivation’s Toll on Your Body (Infographic)

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The annual healthcare budget in the U.S  includes treatment and recovery costs related to poor sleep, and these costs have soared to $16 billion on an annual basis. Illnesses caused by lack of sleep include diabetes, heart disease, depression, stroke and high blood pressure. Poor sleep is also known to negatively […]