Catching the Fly in Business

Success Failure and Risk in Business

The other night I was lying in bed, the lights were out, and I was just drifting off to sleep, when I heard the most annoying sound.  A fly was trapped in my room and seemed determined to drive my tired mind into insanity with its buzzing around my head.

At first I tried to ignore the pesky intruder, thinking that it must eventually get tired as well and go sleep somewhere, but this clearly wasn’t going to happen. So I tried a few sleepy, flailing arm-swings above my head to chase it away; I’m sure I heard it laugh at me as it easily dodged my blind swatting.

So eventually I got out of bed and put my bedside light on. I could hear its constant drone all around me, but could only catch glimpses of it as it dashed past me. I tried some more tired swipes, but reaped no reward.

Annoying Fly

This problem was getting the better of me, and I knew that I would have to tackle it properly, and not just gamble wildly and hope I got lucky with an unruly swing of my hand.

I took up a stance from where I could observe his small flight path. I noticed that he flew the same pattern over and over, so now I could anticipate his next move. Just as he was about to complete a mini figure-of-eight I swooped in and caught him in my right hand. I then took him to the bathroom window and released the annoying visitor into the night.

And I realised how similar this scenario was to business; you have to position yourself in the best possible way in order to be successful in your endeavours. If you just swing around blindly, hoping to get lucky with a major deal, or a big sale, your chances are not great. Sure, you might just strike it lucky once, but it is far better to be prepared, have all your bases covered and be in a position which enhances your probability of success.

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Success Failure and Risk in Business

Get out of bed   =   be prepared to work
Switch the light on   =   make sure you have all the information
Notice the flight pattern   =   do your homework
Get into the right position   =   give yourself the best chance of success
Catch the fly   =   complete the deal

Enjoy life, Help others, Be successful.

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(A light-hearted look at how Liam Neeson would solve the problem…)
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