Building a Swing in the Forest (Video)

Last week my wife and I took our dog to a friend’s farm for a walk, and perhaps canoe on their river.

We’ve been there a few times before and we always end up having a good time. We also usually find something new to do each time we go there.

And this time was no exception; the grass was quite overgrown which didn’t really make it conducive to kicking a ball or throwing a frisbee which are the activities we normally do there.

Fortunately I had taken a rope in my kitbag and I decided to make an impromptu swing:

I first tied a simple knot to make a foot swing.

Then I found a piece of plank nearby and made a conventional ‘sitting swing’. That gave us quite a good time of fun.

After that we did a bit of exploring up a dry river bed and then a quick walk along the river.  Fortunately there was no sign of the crocodile that lives in the river (in which we have often swum and rafted!)  My dog did brave the water and enjoyed his swim.

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