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Congratulations again on earning your first payment in this program. Link-sharing a vital part of successful blogging, and you’ve proven you’re capable of that.

Now this coaching program was completely developed around building your blog, making it mobile-friendly, making it socially-shareable, creating a Facebook page, and so much more. There is SO MUCH content in this course. But all of that revolves around having a website which needs to be hosted. You HAVE to have a Domain name and web-hosting.

This course doesn’t cost you anything, and I am not charging you for any element of the program, but you will need to pay a hosting company to host your blog. So I looked for the best option for students of this course. There are hundreds of different hosting companies. Some charge exorbitant fees and some are completely unreliable and your website spends most of its time showing a 404 Error when people try visit your site. Many of them have a useless customer care policy (I know!) and don’t help you when you have a problem that needs fixing. Personally I have used about eight different hosting companies for my various sites and blogs, so I have done all the testing for you.

By far, the best one in terms of price, reliability and customer service is Bluehost. And for this course I’ve organized that you get your domain name for free from them as well!

Some of you might be thinking “well now I have to buy this, what else am I going to have to pay for?”

The answer is: Nothing!

There are absolutely thousands of extras you could buy to add to your blog along the way and speed up the process to success, but all of those are optional. Web hosting is not optional. It is the only way to get your blog online and in front of visitors, and ultimately earn money from advertisers.


So let’s get started. I am going to walk you step by step in registering your blog:


Step 1:

  1.  First click this banner, it will take you straight to the Bluehost purchasing package with the free domain name:

    2. Once you’ve clicked the banner, you’ll be taken to the page which looks like this:

    Webhost start

    Straight away you will see that the hosting will only cost you $3.95 per month depending on the duration you choose. And you get the free domain name whichever package you choose from this point!  (that’s only about R58 per month which is an excellent price to have a platform for your blog, which you will build up to be a valuable asset)

    Click the button that says “get started now.”


    3.   This is where you’ll choose which package you want. I would suggest starting off with the cheapest one, the one called “Basic”.  If you want a different package that’s fine. Choose the one you want and click “select”.

    Webhost Basic

    4.  Now you get to choose your domain name! This is the URL of your website such or or

    So you might want to call the blog your name e.g., or you might want it to refer to what you’re going to be blogging about e.g.

    webhost domain name

    You probably won’t ever be able to get your first choice of a domain name as it has probably already been taken, so you might have to try a few variations until you find one that is available.

    Try to avoid using hyphens in your domain name. e.g. is better than

    If none of the names that you want are available, then just change the extension from .com to something else.  For example I recently wanted to start a blog at, but it was taken so I chose

    webhost change extension

    5.  Okay, so once you’ve found a domain that you like, and that is available, you will see this page:

    webhost billingSo you need to fill in your contact details and billing details. You can either pay for it via credit card or PayPal.

    And then you have your domain name registered!

    6.  Once you’ve completed the steps above, you can put your new domain name into the comment section below for us to verify. Once that has been verified, you’ll be sent a notification to progress to the next level.


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  1. Hi. Do I have to use this company? Is there no free alternative? I’m not working so I have no steady source of income.what do I do in this case.
    I also don’t have a credit card or PayPal account

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