Birding Video: Black Collared Barbet

Below is a video clip of some Black-Collard Barbets which I have filmed in a few different locations.

The Black Collared Barbet is quite common in the Southern regions of Africa. It’s quite a cute-looking bird, with a big red head and neck. It obviously has a black ring (or collar) around its throat – hence its name.

It also has quite distinct red eyes. His back is brown-ish with a black beak.

Feeding Habits of Black-Collared Barbets

I got quite a bit of footage of them munching on leaves and berries in the tree. Generally they love fruits and insects such as flies, ants and BEES! I was amazed when I learnt that, and the ecstatic when I actually caught it on film.

At one stage in the clip below, a bee flies close to the Barbet. He makes a lunge for it and gobbles it down.

General Habits of the Barbet

They are often in pairs and, like the Egyptian Geese, are monogamous and will only find another partner if the current one dies. They love to perch and preen themselves, on both natural and man-made structures.

Check out the video (I recommend watching it on full-screen with some decent volume), and let me know what you think:

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3 Comments on “Birding Video: Black Collared Barbet”

  1. Rory, I love the website! These birds are absolutely beautiful. It’s so easy to forget how simple it is to have a great time. God has surrounded us with natural beauty, but we often overlook in favor of the louder, more obvious activities. My three year old and I were walking through the woods on an impromptu hike recently. I couldn’t believe how long he was content to just stand there and watch the squirrels.

  2. Hey Chase,

    Thanks for the comment and support.
    Yes, there is so much natural beauty and entertainment in the “quieter” areas of the world.
    Your story of your son is an example of how adults often take these things for granted.
    I’ve been enjoying your blog. Thanks for popping in.

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