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Be a Blogger

Hundreds of millions of blogs are online today. Thousands more are started every day. Anyone can start a blog in 5 minutes, but very few people will start blogs that matter, and even fewer will build blogs that earn a decent income.

What’s the difference between most blogs and the very few that attract a massive following and generate an impressive salary?

The difference will be answered through this course where we’ll teach you how to build a strong foundation and launch your blog, and turn it into valuable work-from-home asset.

Build a Blog – and then Build a Business around it.

 Learn the Correct way to Build a Blog
 Learn how you can legally and regularly make money from your Blog
 You have the Freedom to Work from Anywhere, Any time
 Be your own boss

• Practical Course
• Four content-packed modules
• Small Classes
• Hands-on Coaching

This Course is for anyone who:
 Has never blogged or has any knowledge in the area
 Has started a blog, but is not sure of the best way to proceed
 Has an established blog and wants to increase the blog’s exposure or earning potential

We will focus on building a blog the best way and ultimately create a successful and long-lasting online business.

Module 1
Choosing Domain Name, Hosting and Getting Your Blog Up and Running
Building your Blog
The importnance of Analytics, and how to set it up
The best Plugins

Module 2:

Backing Up your Blog
What and when to write
Posting articles
The art and benefits of Guest Posting

Module 3:
Launching your Blog
Utilizing Social Media
Advertising your blog
Using Podcasting, Videos, Multimedia

Module 4:

How to Monetize your Blog
The various methods of earning money through your blog
Setting up a sustainable business with residual income

PLUS: you will get a detailed 90-day plan telling you EXACTLY what to do each day for three months!

On completion of the 90-day blog plan, you will receive your BLOGGING CERTIFICATE.

Your benefits in a nutshell:

Eliminate Guesswork – Avoid mistakes with a proven plan for success
Save Time – Bypass hours, days, even months of research.
Grow Faster – Gain readers + loyal followers.
Turn A Profit – Use your blog to earn an income.
Proven Methods – Follow a roadmap of proven strategies.
Hassle-Free Setup – Set a solid foundation even without technical skills.
Easy Blog Design – Get a professional looking blog, without having to hire a professional designer.
Expert Guidance – Don’t go it alone!

Usual Price R1860
Limited time Special Price of just R99

(Not in SA, and want to pay with a different currency? You can access the course for just $7 USD via PayPal)

Sign up for this great course, at an incredible discount, by filling in the form below:

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